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Re: Preparation for creating netbsd-7 branch

Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
>rjs@ wrote:
>> Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
>> >skrll@ wrote:
>> >> I'd guess
>> >> 
>> >> MACHINE=hpcarm        MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4
>> >> 
>> >> Maybe the port-masters/users can test?
>> I can test hpcarm on an iPAQ.
>Ok, good to hear.

The entry in for EABI hpcarm is currently:

MACHINE=hpcarm          MACHINE_ARCH=earm       ALIAS=hpcearm

An IPAQ kernel built with these tools doesn't boot, one built with
MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4 does.

An IPAQ kernel built with MACHINE_ARCH=earm tools and an extra option
of CPUFLAGS="-mcpu=strongarm1110" also boots.

I haven't tried a userland yet.

>> >Unfortunately all these ports are orphaned.
>> There were updates to hpcarm recently to get it to work on WZERO3
>> hardware, what is needed for it not to be considered orphaned ?
>"orphaned" means there is no portmainter to make a decision.

I guess I could take it on, StrongARM is my original work area.

Robert Swindells

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