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Re: Preparation for creating netbsd-7 branch

matt@ wrote:

> > What about acorn26 and acorn32?
> Are you willing to step up and fix any apcs32 bugs in gcc?
> I have no idea if acorn26 still runs (I've made a significant
> effort to ensure it does).  It would greatly simplify
> the ARM world if it would just die. :)
> acorn32 uses an armv3 processor which I have no idea if EABI 
> supports.  earmv3 anyone?  Anyone willing to give it a shot?
> How many machines running out there run NetBSD?  If there are more
> acorn26 machines than I can count with my thumbs, I'd be surprised.
> acorn32?  Single digits?  
> Sometimes you just have to say goodbye (pc532) to a supported platform.

Removal of ports should be handled by Core, and
you are a member of Core group.

Why didn't you propose the removal in the Core's meeting etc.
when you dicided to purge old arm ABI?

> > Anyway, lack of documentation is still the serious problem.
> I am exactly the wrong person to write it.  I know the space 
> intimately so I don't know what a new person needs to know
> because it would never occur to me.

If you would not like to handle such non-technical matters
(release binary builds, upgrade mechanism etc.) at all,
you should always have got prior approvals from persons
who will work on such dumb items you don't like.
Otherwise release users will get useless binaries
like mips ports in 6.0 release.

Izumi Tsutsui

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