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Re: suspend/resume friendly laptop

Thanks, folks. I will write you more precisely, however, TP X61
running 6.99.43 suspends successfully. However, when I open the lid
again after a while, it doesn't resume well; the screen is black and
small underlined cursor appears in two locations. When I type
something on the keyboard, the characters displayed in two locations,
but nothing more. No command is accepted; No network is working.
I also guess that vesa mode is a suspect. I will let you know if
I got more detailed status.

The other purpose of my last posting was to know about laptop models
currently available in the market. Even if TP X61 works fine, nobody
can purchase it in brend new status any more. I'm also happy if recent
models such as TP X240 (I know Intel 7260 wireless is not supported at
this moment), Dell Latitude 14 5000 (Intel 7260 must be replaced with
Intel 6250, for example), HP ???, ASUS ???, ..., works well.

-- Akira Kato

From: Jukka Ruohonen <>
Subject: Re: suspend/resume friendly laptop
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 13:31:18 +0300

> On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 12:17:35PM +0900, wrote:
>> I'm afraid if this inquiry is a little bit off topic.
> Not at all.
>> In my Lenovo X61, suspend/resume doesn't work well in NetBSD 6.1 and
>> NetBSD 6.99 regardless of the value of
>>        hw.acpi.sleep.vbios
>>        hw.acpi.acpivga0.bios_switch
>> in non-X11 environment and X11 environment (vesa driver is in use).
> I have X61s and X60s, both of which can suspend and resume. At least this
> worked very well for the 6.X series, but for today's -current resume
> occasionally hangs. Actually, not resuming itself (i.e., the system comes
> back to life) but indeed the graphics (vesa) do not always resume. I have
> no idea what causes this non-deterministic behavior, but vesa is a suspect.
> I would also appreciate hints on how this could be even debugged.
>> Any information is appreciated but I'd prefer if such laptops are
>> still available in the market (in brand new shape), and if they are
>> less than 2kg/4lb. Minor hardware change (such as replacing PCIe-mini
>> wireless lan card -- it may not be available in Lenovo) is acceptable.
> I think after the big Intel/ thing is resolved, it becomes
> much easier to start more systematic investigations.
> - Jukka.

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