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suspend/resume friendly laptop

I'm afraid if this inquiry is a little bit off topic.

In my Lenovo X61, suspend/resume doesn't work well in NetBSD 6.1 and
NetBSD 6.99 regardless of the value of
in non-X11 environment and X11 environment (vesa driver is in use).

I have a question: What laptops are known to work suspend/resume
correctly with X11 enabled in NetBSD 6.1 and/or NetBSD 6.99?
Configuration information is also appreciated. 

Any information is appreciated but I'd prefer if such laptops are
still available in the market (in brand new shape), and if they are
less than 2kg/4lb. Minor hardware change (such as replacing PCIe-mini
wireless lan card -- it may not be available in Lenovo) is acceptable.

-- Akira Kato

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