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Re: libvorbis - replace

Hi Greg!

Greg Troxel wrote:
That looks odd.  I suggest "pkg_admin check" and "pkg_admin rebuild".
Make sure you only have one existing libvorbis installed.
I did not have two libvorbis installed. The pkg_admin check & rebuild did the trick! I guess it shouldn't be necessary... but anyway. pkg-rr then completed building other packages. Quite nice, hopefully my favourite tool from now on.

I used "-uv" flags and tthe rebuild did not have any other hiccups.

However, now, windowmaker is not working: if I start certain applications (emacs but even xterm!) it crashes and restarts, leaving a core file with no readable stacktrace. Other applications don't make it crash.

I thought that perhaps some library changed (although i don't get something like a unresolved symbol), and thus I made "make replace" for windowmaker, but it did not help.


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