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pulseaudio 4.0 requires udev was: Re: Help for PR kern/46606 is needed


From: Patrick Welche <>, Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 
23:09:25 +0000

> On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 07:33:50PM +0900, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Now pkgsrc/www/firefox and firefox24 use pkgsrc/audio/pulseaudio
>> to output native audio, for example. webm video playback audio etc.
>> (By the way, gstreamer support enables native H.264 playback)
>> pulseaudio needs pkgsrc/sysutils/hal, and running hal causes
> The newer pulseaudio drops hal support. I popped a possible package at
> Does sound work for you with it?

Sorry for very late reply.

It fails with the following errors (from firefox and mplayer).
I feel pulseaudio 4.0 may not work on NetBSD.
According to

  Support for HAL has been removed. This shouldn't affect anyone,
  but if it does, please configure PulseAudio to use udev instead.
  module-hal-detect still exists for maintaining configuration file
  compatibility, but all it does is to load module-udev-detect.
  module-hal-detect may get completely removed in 4.0.

udev is required.
NetBSD has no udev.
We have devpubd(8), but I am completely no idea about it.

Jan  6 20:24:22 tellurium pulseaudio[1451]: [(null)] module.c: Failed to load 
module "module-detect" (argument: ""): initialization failed.
Jan  6 20:24:22 tellurium pulseaudio[1451]: [(null)] main.c: Module load failed.
Jan  6 20:24:22 tellurium pulseaudio[1451]: [(null)] main.c: 
Jan  6 20:24:22 tellurium pulseaudio[1215]: [(null)] main.c: 

Thank you.

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