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Re: link problems

On Sat 05 Oct 2013 at 19:50:29 +0200, Frank Kardel wrote:
> Well, from to few things I looked at when building 2013Q3 there are
> quite a few programs that have e.g. -lcurses but not -lterminfo which
> curses needs. Our manual only states that -lcurses is needed. The
> additional dependency to terminfo can be easily found with ldd :-(.

As I understand it, the option is only relevant where the *main program*
depends on a shared library which is pulled in recursively.

A shared library which needs another one (which is an implementation
detail that should remain hidden) is indeed pulled in automatically.

But the recent change makes it so that the implicit library is only used
to resolve symbols from the first library (and not from the main

> Frank
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