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Re: link problems

On 10/05/13 19:30, Rhialto wrote:
On Fri 04 Oct 2013 at 18:51:26 +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
Does adding: --no-copy-dt-needed-entries to the link line fix the problem
for you? Perhaps we should consider making this the default again...
I think the new way is cleaner. It is better to have dependencies
explictly stated.

It may also help with something that I see sometimes[1] when I link some
program which depends on pkgsrc-provided libraries. Sometimes those
libraries use other pkgsrc-provided libraries which are newer than
system-provided libraries of the same name. That situation is detected
and the linker gives a warning that there are different major versions
of the same library. If symbols are resolved only from explicitly stated
libraries, there is a better chance that those incompatible versions are
kept out of each other's hair.

[1] for example when I compile VICE natively, since I am a VICE

Well, from to few things I looked at when building 2013Q3 there are quite a few programs that have e.g. -lcurses but not -lterminfo which curses needs. Our manual only states that -lcurses is needed. The additional dependency to terminfo can be easily found with ldd :-(. I am wondering that the requirement to list all libraries may put some burden on pkgsrc developers as the configure scripts and at the end the resulting makefiles need to be fixed. I have not checked yet how many packages are broken this way (build is still running), but it could be a few. Also our man pages need to be fixed, too. Looks like some rototill in pkgsrc.
Let's see how many packages are broken by this.


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