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Re: cross build failure on FreeBSD/i386 9.1


Thank you for your advice, and I'm sorry replying so late.
My PC using FreeBSD/i386 is Pentium III 450MHz, 
so the cross-building requires long time.

> Can you do a clean build (-r) and try again?  Also paste in your
> command line.

===> command:    ./ -r -m alpha -O /usr/local/obj-NetBSD 
===> started:    Fri May  3 12:47:40 JST 2013
===> NetBSD version:      6.99.19
===> MACHINE:             alpha
===> MACHINE_ARCH:        alpha
===> Build platform:      FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE i386
===> HOST_SH:             /bin/sh
===> Bootstrapping nbmake

20 hours later, another error occurred.
I'll try again after updating the current source tree.
FURUSAWA Kazumi <>

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