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Re: cross build failure on FreeBSD/i386 9.1

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 1:53 PM, Christos Zoulas <> 
> In article <>,
> FURUSAWA Kazumi  <> wrote:
>>Cross building NetBSD/alpha on FreeBSD/i386 9.1, I got the following error:
>>nbpax: unknown group `ftp'
>>nbpax: failed at line 4960 of the specification
>>The detailed build log messages are as follows.
>>I suspect that FreeBSD has gid 14 as ftp, but NetBSD expects gid 14 as named.
> There is no ftp group in the skel /usr/src/etc/group. So files cannot
> really be installed in $RELEASEDIR as group ftp. What happened potentially
> is that you did an unprived build, followed by a prived one and there were
> some files in the destination directory that retained their old permissions.
> The scripts that create the sets always use the password and group files
> from $RELEASEDIR. If they don't it is a bug.
> christos

For what it's worth my first guess is also an issue with -U.

Can you do a clean build (-r) and try again?  Also paste in your command line.

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