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Re: Recent test regression: dev/sysmon/t_swsensor

On Sun, 17 Feb 2013, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:

Paul Goyette wrote:
Hmmm.  For some strange reason, rump_server on i386 seems to want to
autoload a couple other modules, too.  I tried to re-create the test
environment manually, and fails thusly:

# RUMP_SERVER="unix://t_swsensor_socket" ; export RUMP_SERVER
# rump_allserver -l rumpvfs -l rumpdev -l rumpdev_sysmon ${RUMP_SERVER}
WARNING: module error: builtin module `zfs' failed to init
WARNING: ZFS on NetBSD is under development
WARNING: module error: builtin module `npf' failed to init

I have no idea why we're trying to (auto)load npf and zfs.

These failures do not occur on amd64.

For what it's worth, the swsensor tests are no longer failing on i386.
I have no idea who or what fixed them; they were failing right before
the latest period of build breakage (which lasted some 38 hours), and
are passing now that the build again succeeds.

With a build from 2013-02-15 at 16:44:40 UTC the tests are still failing in my environment. I'm running qemu on a amd64 host, and loading a GENERIC i386 kernel.

I will update to today's -current and check to see if they're still failing.

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