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Re: Recent test regression: dev/sysmon/t_swsensor

Paul Goyette wrote:
> Hmmm.  For some strange reason, rump_server on i386 seems to want to 
> autoload a couple other modules, too.  I tried to re-create the test 
> environment manually, and fails thusly:
> # RUMP_SERVER="unix://t_swsensor_socket" ; export RUMP_SERVER
> # rump_allserver -l rumpvfs -l rumpdev -l rumpdev_sysmon ${RUMP_SERVER}
> WARNING: module error: builtin module `zfs' failed to init
> WARNING: ZFS on NetBSD is under development
> WARNING: module error: builtin module `npf' failed to init
> #
> I have no idea why we're trying to (auto)load npf and zfs.
> These failures do not occur on amd64.

For what it's worth, the swsensor tests are no longer failing on i386.
I have no idea who or what fixed them; they were failing right before
the latest period of build breakage (which lasted some 38 hours), and
are passing now that the build again succeeds.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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