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Re: Recent kernel crashes at shutdown

On 11/02/2013 21:54, Dave Tyson wrote:
On 02/11/13 20:56, Christos Zoulas wrote:

I think there is one. Someone else is seeing the same problem with hald, and I've given him, but we could not figure out why on his machine hald ended up running with the
wrong uid! I could not duplicate the issue on mine.


Thanks for the quick response. I'll get source on this system and a try with the diff in a couple of days to see if I can cast some light on the

I've been seeing that with hald for quite some time now and it's only thanks to the above patch the issue is worked around.
My hald is built from a long time ago - is yours quite recent?

Interestingly this is on i386 as well - maybe something uniquely going wrong as amd64 is probably more popular these days?

Hopefully someone can solve it as my skills lie in other areas.



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