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Re: Recent kernel crashes at shutdown

In article <>,
Dave Tyson  <> wrote:
>I having been running 6.99.16 on a i386 desktop system using the releng
>snapshot from 28th January. Its been completely stable and I have been
>using it with XFCE4 with no problems until today. I added a bunch of
>extra packages and started them from rc.conf. On shutting down the
>system it paniced with an assertion failure:
> Feb 11 19:58:11 darkstar savecore: reboot after panic: panic: kernel
>assertion "lwpcnt >= 0" failed: file
>info.c", line 217
>$NetBSD: kern_uidinfo.c,v 1.7 2012/06/09 02:55:32 christos Exp $
>This happened just after swap and the shutdown hooks had been run.
>Sometimes the system hangs, but mostly it takes a dump and reboots. A
>bit of investigation showed that if HAL is running then the system will
>crash, but if it isn't then shutdown proceeds OK.
>I tried with the latest releng kernel from 10th Feb and that exhibits
>the same issue.
>kernel which first showed the problem:
>NetBSD 6.99.16 (GENERIC) #0: Mon Jan 28 16:05: 30 UTC 2013
>I have core dumps from the crash on both the Jan 28/Feb 10 kernels if
>Worth a PR ?

I think there is one. Someone else is seeing the same problem with hald,
and I've given him, but we
could not figure out why on his machine hald ended up running with the
wrong uid! I could not duplicate the issue on mine.


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