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Re: HEADS UP: Postfix 2.9.5 imported

Erik Fair <> writes:

> I'm certainly not bothering with IPv6 (I remove support for it in my
> custom NetBSD kernels) until my ISP offers it natively ... unless
> there's some overriding reason to tunnel it and bypass them (which, so
> far as I can tell, there isn't, yet), so I put that line in my own
> files manually as part of a recent NetBSD 6 upgrade process to
> shut off Postfix's IPv6 processing until such time as I need it
> operationally. Why delay every E-mail with an attempt at connecting
> which is a priori known not to work?

How long a delay do you see?  I see a rapid no-route-to-host without a
packet even leaving.

It seems that we should have something global about whether one wants v4
or v6 or both.  I'm sympathetic to you wanting to turn v6 off, but it
seems like it should be on by default.   About half of the LANs I use
have v6, perhaps more.

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