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Re: HEADS UP: Postfix 2.9.5 imported

Hi Matthias,

On Wed, 2 Jan 2013 22:37:09 +0000
Matthias Scheler <> wrote:

>       Hello,
> I've imported Postfix 2.9.5 into NetBSD-current today. It builds and works
> fine under NetBSD/i386. Please submit a bug report with "send-pr" in
> category "bin" if you find any problems.

Do you know of any reason why has "inet_protocols = ipv4" at
the bottom? (I assume it came from upstream.)

kind regards

> Here is a list of the major changes since version 2.8.x:
> - Support for long, non-repeating, queue IDs (queue file names). The
>   main benefit of non-repeating names is simpler logfile analysis. See
>   the description of "enable_long_queue_ids" in postconf(5) for
>   details.
> - Memcache client support, and support to share postscreen(8) and
>   verify(8) caches via the proxymap server. Details about memcache
>   support are in memcache_table(5) and MEMCACHE_README.
> - Gradual degradation: if a database is unavailable (can't open, most
>   read or write errors) a Postfix daemon will log a warning and
>   continue providing the services that don't depend on that table,
>   instead of immediately terminating with a fatal error. To terminate
>   immediately when a database file can't be opened, specify
>   "daemon_table_open_error_is_fatal = yes".
> - Revised postconf(1) command. It warns about unused parameter
>   name=value settings in or (likely mistakes),
>   understands "dynamic" parameter names such as names that depend on
>   the name of a entry (finally, "postconf -n" shows all
>   parameter settings), and it can display and in a
>   more user-friendly format (postconf -nf, postconf -Mf).
> - Read/write deadline support in the SMTP client and server to defend
>   against application-level DOS attacks that very slowly write or read
>   data one byte at a time.
>       Kind regards
> -- 
> Matthias Scheler                        

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