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Re: makemandb vs. man.conf's _whatdb

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 9:30 AM, Dave Huang <> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 05, 2012 at 08:11:37PM +0100, David Brownlee wrote:
>> While it is a usage change maybe -o could be repurposed for output
>> file (similar to services_mkdb, to pick another /var/db generator) and
>> -O used for optimise?
> Sure, that would work for me too... although for my situation, I'd
> still need a symlink in /var/db, since apropos and whatis are
> hardcoded to look there. I had suggested the man.conf keyword since
> it's a centralized location for makemandb, apropos, and whatis
> configuration.
> --

FYI this feature/option was committed to NetBSD-current yesterday
(thanks to wiz@ for committing). Now you can configure the path for
the database in man.conf. makemandb, apropos and whatis will try to
read the location of the database form the configuration file, there
is no hardcoded path now.


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