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Re: Help with tcsh-6.18.01 and the meta key?
> Are you running under xterm? You might be confused about what is done
> where and how. xterm have a trick, where you press M-commands, and
> xterm change that to send ESC <command>
> Maybe you used that in the past, without knowing about it?

> But if you really want to use the 8th bit as the meta, then I have
> some vague memory that it should be possible, but I have not looked at
> that in years.

You are right, I'm running it under xterm, just like I've done for the
past 25 years ;-), but you miss the point.

If I login to a box (not necessarily NetBSD) using xterm and download
and unpack the source for 6.17.00, and do (./configure && make &&
./tcsh) it works.

If I continue in the same session (with the _same_ xterm) and download
and unpack the source for 6.18.01, and do (./configure && make &&
./tcsh) it doesn't work.

It's tcsh that is behaving differently, and I'm not saying it's doing
something wrong. Development moves forward (on average ;-), and it could
be that I need to set something new in my environment. But what? ;-)


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