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Re: Help with tcsh-6.18.01 and the meta key?

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:24 AM, Lars-Johan Liman <> 
> to make M-b and M-f do backward-word and forward-word,
> etc. Regardless of my settings they (and other M-commands) are inserted
> as (proper) 8-bit characters.

Does the following in .Xdefaults solve the problem?
Run "xrdb -merge < ~/.Xdefaults" for testing.

XTerm*VT100.translations: #override\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> a: string("\033a")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> a: string("\033A")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> b: string("\033b")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> b: string("\033B")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> c: string("\033c")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> c: string("\033C")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> d: string("\033d")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> d: string("\033D")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> e: string("\033e")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> e: string("\033E")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> f: string("\033f")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> f: string("\033F")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> g: string("\033g")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> g: string("\033G")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> h: string("\033h")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> h: string("\033H")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> i: string("\033i")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> i: string("\033I")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> j: string("\033j")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> j: string("\033J")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> k: string("\033k")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> k: string("\033K")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> l: string("\033l")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> l: string("\033L")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> m: string("\033m")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> m: string("\033M")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> n: string("\033n")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> n: string("\033N")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> o: string("\033o")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> o: string("\033O")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> p: string("\033p")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> p: string("\033P")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> q: string("\033q")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> q: string("\033Q")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> r: string("\033r")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> r: string("\033R")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> s: string("\033s")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> s: string("\033S")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> t: string("\033t")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> t: string("\033T")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> u: string("\033u")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> u: string("\033U")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> v: string("\033v")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> v: string("\033V")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> w: string("\033w")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> w: string("\033W")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> x: string("\033x")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> x: string("\033X")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> y: string("\033y")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> y: string("\033Y")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> z: string("\033z")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> z: string("\033Z")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl ~Shift <Key> /: string("\033/")\n\
   Meta ~Ctrl Shift <Key> /: string("\033?")\n

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