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Re: Help with tcsh-6.18.01 and the meta key?

On 2012-05-17 01.24, Lars-Johan Liman wrote:

Does anyone (hi, Christos! ;-) have a pointer to where I can learn about
the changes btw. tcsh 6.17.00 (as in NetBSD 5.0.2) and 6.18.01 (as in
NetBSD 6.0_BETA) that affect how it handles the meta key?

I've read the FAQ, I've fiddled with NOREBIND and LANG, and I've
compiled different versions of tcsh on different NetBSD versions (and
done some tests on Linux/Debian), and I just CANNOT get the meta key to
work with 6.18.01 (under any OS) the way it used to with earlier
versions, i.e., to make M-b and M-f do backward-word and forward-word,
etc. Regardless of my settings they (and other M-commands) are inserted
as (proper) 8-bit characters.

Any hints appreciated, incl. "RTFM at http://...!!!";, but I'm probably
not much helped by "Use the source, Luke!". :-)

Are you running under xterm? You might be confused about what is done where and how. xterm have a trick, where you press M-commands, and xterm change that to send ESC <command>
Maybe you used that in the past, without knowing about it?

But if you really want to use the 8th bit as the meta, then I have some vague memory that it should be possible, but I have not looked at that in years.


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