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Re: NetBSD 6.0_BETA: cut-over and what Package Source to use?

Mike Riechers <> writes:

> 1.  When was the cut-over from NetBSD current?  Specifically, when
> I upgrade from NetBSD Current NetBSD 5.99.56 (GENERIC), 12 November 2011,
> amd64, am I safe?

Long after november - I'm pretty sure it was in February.  So what you
propose to do is indeed just an upgrade, not a cross-grade.

> I used the then package source _current_ to make emacs, bash, etc.  Is this
> compatible with 6.0_BETA?

pkgsrc-current is compatible, meaning that building packages from
pkgsrc-current on a 6.0_BETA system will work, or we'll agree that it's
a bug.

packages built from pkgsrc-current on 5.99.56 will likely work, but that
question is about binary compat of compiled programs from 5.99.56 to
6.0_BETA, not about pkgsrc.

> 2.  What pkgsrc should I use to regenerate emacs, bash, etc.  Should I use
> the same pkgsrc as for 5.2, or pkgsrc current?

Strictly speaking, there is no pkgsrc for 5.2.  But it is reasonable to
use pkgsrc-current, and it's reasonable to use pkgsrc-2011Q4.  Note that
pkgsrc is in a freeze, so using current is almost but not quite like
using pkgsrc-2012Q1 (which does not exist yet).
I'd recommend you use pkgsrc-current unless it causes you trouble.

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