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release directories and naming for install images, live images, and isos

I wanted to get some feedback from people before making changes in this area.

I'm preparing this with an eye towards the 6.0 release, so timely feedback would be helpful. I'd like to make any changes within a week or so.

Right now, we have some different release collection targets for iso-image, install-image, which by default create ISOs with sets and a bootable fs image with sets, respectively and live-image, which creates a bootable fs image without sets. (install-image and live-image are x86-only at the moment, but there's no reason other arches couldn't be made with the same framework; they were added recently by tsutsui@)

The naming scheme for ISO images was changed recently, to better reflect OS, version, and architecture. ("NetBSD-6.99.4-macppc.iso" as opposed to the old "macppccd.iso"). The install-image and live-image targets still have an old-style naming; "amd64inst.img.gz".

The iso-image target installs its output into $RELEASEDIR/iso, while install-image installs into $RELEASEDIR/$RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation; while this doesn't matter much for individual builds, it confuses things a bit when building *everything*. There isn't one directory where all the big release binaries (iso, fs image) go. To make things a bit better organized, I propose to make the following changes:

- name images a more descriptive name. ("NetBSD-6.99.4-amd64-inst.img.gz", for example) - install images and ISOs in $RELEASEDIR/images, to keep them in a single place. - create a symlink $RELEASEDIR/images -> $RELEASEDIR/iso so people used to looking for ISOs don't get lost - create symlinks for ISOs and images into $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/cdrom and $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/install-image respectively
- have these changes pulled up for 6.0 once stable.

I've looked into the makefiles, and this should be doable in a few minutes, plus some time for test builds. Does anyone have any comments or criticism?


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