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Re: release directories and naming for install images, live images, and isos

  - name images a more descriptive name.
  ("NetBSD-6.99.4-amd64-inst.img.gz", for example)
  - install images and ISOs in $RELEASEDIR/images, to keep them in a
  single place.
  - create a symlink $RELEASEDIR/images -> $RELEASEDIR/iso so people
  used to looking for ISOs don't get lost
  - create symlinks for ISOs and images into
  $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/cdrom and
  $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/install-image respectively
  - have these changes pulled up for 6.0 once stable.

That sounds like a good improvement, overall.

I think it's a goal that the releasedir/$arch dirs don't get much bigger
than they need to to hold the sets, since it's common (for me) to rsync
them and use them for in-place updates.  Your scheme meets that goal.

I'd be tempted to add images and leave isos, and not worry that there's
not one dir that holds all.  But it's not important.

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