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Re: release directories and naming for install images, live images, and isos

On Fri, 16 Mar 2012 11:14:53 -0700
Jeff Rizzo <> wrote:

> ("NetBSD-6.99.4-amd64-inst.img.gz", for example)
> - install images and ISOs in $RELEASEDIR/images, to keep them in a 
> single place.
> - create a symlink $RELEASEDIR/images -> $RELEASEDIR/iso so people used 
> to looking for ISOs don't get lost
> - create symlinks for ISOs and images into 
> $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/cdrom and 
> $RELEASEMACHINEDIR/installation/install-image respectively
> - have these changes pulled up for 6.0 once stable.
> I've looked into the makefiles, and this should be doable in a few 
> minutes, plus some time for test builds.  Does anyone have any comments 
> or criticism?

The current situation is indeed somewhat of a mess, thanks for working
on this.  About the description above, where "inst" is used, it's
possible that an even longer description be nice for clarity.  There I
have the idea that it serves to install, but other images might also
be for installation...

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