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Re: netbsd-drmgem update

On 03/11/2012 11:45 PM, David Laight wrote:

Pre-built binaries (for amd64) are available at:

For those of us who don't understand the inner workings of X...
What is in those 'pre-built binaries', and where do the files have to go?

The pre-built binaries assume that you have a (recent) NetBSD -current
installation(*), including the X sets.  They contain:

- usr-X11R7-drmgem.tgz: an archive containing the intel X drivers and
  libraries that are modified by the port, and only those.  The archive
  should be extracted over your X installation.  For instance:

  cd / && tar -xzf /path/to/usr-X11R7-drmgem.tgz

  You may want to backup /usr/X11R7 first, so that you can restore it

- netbsd-GENERIC-drmgem: NetBSD amd64 GENERIC kernel patched with
  drm/gem code.  This file is typically placed at the root of the
  root file system, and you should boot it to test the above patched
  X installation.

(*) I generated the binaries on a system upgraded from the following
binary snapshot:

and using the source sets at:

I've an i7 I've just installed NetBSD 'current' onto.
I've got it to boot - but still need to fix grub (too complex),
and haven't configured anything yet.

Attempts to run xinit fail (should I expect it to just work?)

Without any X configuration file, the X server automatically chooses
the driver.  It if chooses intel(4), then I would expect it to fail
on an i7 with a vanilla -current installation.

Are your changes likely to help?

Yes, I hope so. :-)

An alternative is to use the vesa(4) X driver.


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