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Re: netbsd-drmgem update

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 04:12:17PM +0100, Gr?goire Sutre wrote:
> Hi,
> I've updated the port of OpenBSD's DRM/GEM Intel drivers in
> netbsd-drmgem [1].  This brings in the following changes from
> OpenBSD:
> - intel driver updated to 2.12.0.
> - Sandy Bridge support.
> Also, XvMC support is now enabled in the port, but I've not
> tested it.
> Pre-built binaries (for amd64) are available at:

For those of us who don't understand the inner workings of X...
What is in those 'pre-built binaries', and where do the files have to go?

I've an i7 I've just installed NetBSD 'current' onto.
I've got it to boot - but still need to fix grub (too complex),
and haven't configured anything yet.

Attempts to run xinit fail (should I expect it to just work?)
Are your changes likely to help?
It is a long time since I've setup X, and I can't remember how
I'm supposed to do it:-)


David Laight:

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