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netbsd-drmgem update


I've updated the port of OpenBSD's DRM/GEM Intel drivers in
netbsd-drmgem [1].  This brings in the following changes from

- intel driver updated to 2.12.0.
- Sandy Bridge support.

Also, XvMC support is now enabled in the port, but I've not
tested it.

Pre-built binaries (for amd64) are available at:

On my Core i5 laptop, in single-head setup, the X server seems
to work fine for ``normal'' use (tested with Xfce and KDE).
Performing VT switches while the X server is running tends to
make it unhappy, though.  See [2] for more details on known
issues (but some of them might be automagically fixed by the
port update...).

If you try it, please let me know how it goes (good or bad).



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