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Re: Netbooting a sparc64 (netbsd-6)

On Feb 29, 2012, at 10:23 , Mouse wrote:
> I don't know how much of this is relevant to the original sparc64
> problem.  But it does seem to me to indicate that issues talking with a
> 2924 may well not indicate driver bugs; my experience is with the
> SS20's on-board Ethernet, which is not bge; it's Lance:

  In my case, I'm not talking to a cisco switch, but to a Dell 2824, and I've 
successfully netbooted other sparcs (including the e420R that is now my primary 
sparc64 server) a year or more ago with this same switch.  It still smells to 
me like a bge driver problem.  (My issue, that is)

          - Chris

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