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Re: How to get into ddb after system is booted?

  I've got a system with both serial and USB keyboard attached, and I
  would like to get into ddb after the system has booted (to single-user
  mode).  I've verified that ddb.fromconsole is set and I've used
  hw.cnmagic to create a keystroke sequence "QQ" (0x51 0x51) but it does
  not get me into ddb.

I dealt with a system that had two usb keyboards but the second one was
real (first on a DELL drac somehow).  We ended up kludging the usb
console code to just use the second one.  I dimly recall that there is
some notion of a "this is the console" flag and it only gets set on one

You didn't say, but presumably your QQ sequence does not work on either
the USB keyboard or the ps/2 keyboard (or is your console a real serial

On a netbsd-5 system with only usb keyboard, ctrl-alt-esc drops into
ddb, at least when not running X (didn't try with X).

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