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State of the ZFS port


What is the current state of the ZFS port at the moment? is it good
enough at least for testing (I've read the TODO file and realize it is
not yet production quality).

I am getting:

root@nex07 /home/xci # uname -a
NetBSD nex07 5.99.62 NetBSD 5.99.62 (GENERIC) #0: Sun Jan 29 14:26:24
GMT 2012  root@nex07:/usr/obj/auto-current/amd64/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC
root@nex07 /home/xci # zpool status
internal error: failed to initialize ZFS library
1 root@nex07 /home/xci # modload solaris
modload: File exists
1 root@nex07 /home/xci # modload zfs
modload: Cannot allocate memory
1 root@nex07 /home/xci # dmesg | tail -3
uid 0, pid 28945, command ld, on /usr: file system full
kobj_load, 416: [%M/zfs/zfs.kmod]: linker error: out of memory
kobj_load, 416: [%M/zfs/zfs.kmod]: linker error: out of memory
root@nex07 /home/xci # dmesg | grep -i mem
total memory = 20471 MB
avail memory = 19832 MB

I've seen some discussions about this; earlier the problem seemed to
be that one had to manually create /etc/zfs, then it worked; now this
is in place, but the module does not load.

Chavdar Ivanov


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