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Re: NetBSD, semistructured data, & the web (was Re: unreadable XML proplists from drvctl(8))

(corrected the subject)

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 12:30:32PM -0600, David Young wrote:
 > I can see the value of a tool like this, but I think that it brings us
 > to another dead-end when what we really need is new thinking.
 > I keep bringing the xmltools back into the discussion because they are
 > not a dead end.  Like the string-processing tools of old (grep, sed,
 > awk), the power of the xmltools and their user increase exponentially
 > with the number of tools.  A good set of XML tools lets us build
 > programs to process structured records and documents and to operate
 > on XML property lists and important data sources on the web: XHTML,
 > XML-based feeds (syndication, calendars, weather forecasts), and
 > documentation.
 > NetBSD is just treading water on the web.  It should be a motorboat.
 > xmltools are one of the boosts that it needs.

That's fine (and, that's why I put that project in the project list in
the first place) but does not make XML human-readable...

David A. Holland

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