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Re: Where does the kernel get built?

On Wed, 30 Nov 2011, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
.OBJDIR handling is one of the wartiest parts of make.  By the
time mk.conf is parsed, make has already decided which .OBJDIR
to use.

This is not the case, proof follows.

# Evidence 1.

# /tmp/
.if $(.OBJDIR) == $(.CURDIR)
.OBJDIR: /tmp
all:; echo $(.OBJDIR)

Before make parses that .if line, it has already decided which .OBJDIR to use. Yes, you can change it later, and I even said so in an earlier draft of my message, but then decided to delete it as irrelevant to my point, and because I didn't feel like a digression into why that also has problems.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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