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Re: Where does the kernel get built?

On 11-11-28 02:49 AM, Alan Barrett wrote:
WRKOBJDIR = /usr/obj
TOOLDIR = /usr/obj/tools
OBJMACHINE = /usr/obj
BSDOBJDIR = /usr/obj
RELEASEDIR = /usr/obj/release

Some of those settings are very strange.

Yes well I did try adding more entries when it didn't work.

MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX must be set in the environment or on the command line,
not in a Makefile.

OBJMACHINE should be set or unset; it's not a path.

Those two I added.  I will remove them.

MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX and BSDOBJDIR disagree about where the obj directories
should go. (MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX says that the obj dir for /usr/src shouldbe
/usr/obj/usr/src, but BSDOBJDIR says that the obj dir for /usr/src
should be /usr/obj.)

As above, MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX is gone.  Should I remove BSDOBJDIR too?

Theoretically I should have been able to build everything as myself. I
was able to complete "./ tools" except that the only tools
built were nbmake and nbmake-i386.

Before looking any further, we need to figure out why the tools
were not built.

I'd suggest removing all those strange settings from your /etc/mk.conf
as a start.

Now I get this:

obj ===> tools
obj ===> tools/host-mkdep
#    objdir  /usr/obj/tools/host-mkdep
ln: obj: Permission denied
obj ===> tools/compat
#    objdir  /usr/obj/tools/compat
ln: obj: Permission denied
obj ===> tools/binstall
#    objdir  /usr/obj/tools/binstall
ln: obj: Permission denied

$ ls -ld /usr/obj
drwxr-xr-x  2 darcy  wheel  512 Nov 28 12:49 /usr/obj

I completely cleared /usr/obj and ran "make distclean" first.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>

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