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Re: Where does the kernel get built?

On 11-11-29 07:05 AM, Alan Barrett wrote:
I suspect that you have a have a read-only source tree, and that you did

Yes, I did that on purpose to test the build process.

not set either MAKEOBJDIR or MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX in the environment (or on
the command line using -M or -O). When you try to build without
MAKEOBJDIR or MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX, but with MKOBJ (which is the default),
then attempts to create an "obj" symlink in each subdirectory
of the source tree. Obviously that won't work in a read-only source tree.

Yes, I cleaned up my mk.conf and was able to build tools. I am testing the rest by building a kernel and distribution.

If you try adding "-O /usr/obj" or "-O ../obj" to the command

I did that.

line, then it will set MAKEOBJDIR in a way that is likely to work.
Obviously src/BUILDING needs to be updated to explain this better.

Better yet, why can't we make it work from mk.conf? It seems like a wart that every option can be controlled there except this one.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>

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