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Re: rn_init: radix functions require max_keylen be set

In article <>,
Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:
>Evgeniy Ivanov <> wrote:
>> If I get some time I'll try to have a look on what was happening.
>> Because fix seems correct according PUFFS documentation. Also Antti
>> said that it seems reasonable, but should be reviewed by someone else.
>It seems some of the failing test are in rump, which makes sense for a
>change in libpuffs. They all have the same errors:
>mount_ffs: Warning: realpath /img: No such file or directory
>mount_ffs: /img on /rump/mnt: Socket is not connected
>rump.halt: init failed: Connection refused

I fixed that. The problem is that rump_server running as a daemon closes
stderr, so we cannot see any errors. I think that rump_server during tests
should be ran with debugging on so that we can see whats going on when things
go south. In this instance the problem was an unresolved symbol. The dynamic
linker printed the error, but it went nowhere.


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