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Re: anita tests timing out

On Nov 22,  9:31pm, (Andreas Gustafsson) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: anita tests timing out

| Paul Goyette wrote:
| > On my anita test-bed, I have the time-out set to 120 minutes, and my 
| > tests have been timing out beginning with sources from 2011-11-20 
| > 00:20:04.  The most recent successful pass was with sources from 
| > 2011-11-19 18:50:05.
| > 
| > Between those two time-stamps there were 160 files updated, including 
| > the rng stuff.
| The TNF test server has it narrowed down to the following commits:

I don't think it is the kernel header changes, and I don't think that
the kmem_asprintf() function is used in the kernel, so it has to be

|    commit 2011. christos src/sys/kern/subr_prf.c 1.144

Can I get a backtrace or the specific test that is timing out, so I can
reproduce it?


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