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Re: anita tests timing out

Paul Goyette wrote:
> Yes, it is the global 2-hour timeout that is triggering failures in my 
> test-bed.
> I'm not sure what time-out is being used on the NetBSD official 
> test-beds.

Currently, four hours.

These timeouts have all happened in exactly the same place: the final
output before the timeout is always

  modules/t_modctl (405/486): 5 test cases^M^M

> > It would be nice to have a way for atf to consider each test that times
> > out failed but still finish.

Test cases do have their individual timeouts.  This does not look like
a simple case of a test case taking too long, but a lock-up of the whole
test framework or the operating system itself.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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