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Re: prerequisites for our atf suite

On 11/10/11 3:22 PM, Paul Goyette wrote:
On Thu, 10 Nov 2011, Greg Troxel wrote:

summary: I'm unclear on what state a machine should be in prior to
running ATF.

I have a -current tree with a not-yet-committed change, and I'd like to
run the test suite. So I built a full release to ISO, and in virtualbox
used that iso to do an installation.

I booted single user, remounted / rw, and did, more or less

cd /usr/tests
atf-run . | atf-report

and found that lots of tests are failing (with signal 6).
I saw that recently on amd64 - it "went away" on its own.

Those were caused by a bogus change to the atf code that triggered an internal assertion. Effectively, it was causing *all* C-based tests to fail. It was fixed.

Here, work means "test results match the results shown on the
autobuild/tests page". So I would expect 2 failed tests, or
sometimes 1.

I think it needs to be in multi user, but does not require any network
interfaces (except maybe lo0). You will need comp, base, etc, text, and
test sets for most things. One or two tests actually depend on the games

We should make those tests with appropriate "require.progs" so that they are marked as skipped instead of failed when the games set is not present.

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