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prerequisites for our atf suite

summary: I'm unclear on what state a machine should be in prior to
running ATF.

I have a -current tree with a not-yet-committed change, and I'd like to
run the test suite.  So I built a full release to ISO, and in virtualbox
used that iso to do an installation.

I booted single user, remounted / rw, and did, more or less

cd /usr/tests
atf-run . | atf-report

and found that lots of tests are failing (with signal 6).

I then let the system come up multiuser, but with wm0 not configured
(just lo0), and tried again.  There are still problems.

What I don't understand is:

  in order to run the full test suite, in what state should the system
  be?  Is it supposed to work in any or all of the following:

    single user, ro fs (enough mounted to have base system present)

    single user, rw fs

    multiuser, no Ethernets configured

    multiuser, an Ethernet configured

    multiuser, an Ethernet configured, various daemons running, e.g. a
    system that's being used

  Here, work means "test results match the results shown on the
  autobuild/tests page".   So I would expect 2 failed tests, or
  sometimes 1.

tests(7) doesn't seem to address this point.

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