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Re: of tools (nbhost-mkdep) fails on i386 vm

> On Sun, Oct 02, 2011 at 21:42:35 -0400, yancm%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:
>> timestamps do indeed seem to be the problem, I've *never* seen anything
>> like this... in 42 years of "enthusiast coding"...
>> I'm getting random file creation dates. Apparently the build process
>> dies
>> silently if some file dates are far enough out...
> [...]
>> Maybe a file system error?
>> What to try next? I'm going to boot into single user and fsck my
>> disks...
>> Other suggestions?
> Try a newer/older kernel.  I *vaguely* remember that recently there
> might have been a short window when mtimes might have been broken.

Thank you for the assistance...

Fortunately my old kernel (previous build to this one) was functional.

I had been updating via cvs for 2-3 weeks and apparently every file
updated to my source tree during that time had a timestamp c. 1945 or
earlier. For whatever reason the build utilities and scripts just silently
failed on most if not all files prior to 1950 (?) timestamp... I finally
figured out how to use find (eg. find . /! -newer games/wump/
touch (eg. touch -r games/wump/ [all output from previous find])
to get my source tree in a usable state (I'm guessing I did this wrong/the
hard way, but hey...) and was finally able to rebuild an boot into a fresh

Thanks again!

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