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Re: Suitable host to (cross-)build NetBSD?

I think I reported the screen-related bugs several months ago regarding NetBSD 
5.0.x and 5.1, and -current, including system crash when I tried to startx from 
a generic kernel or any kernel without the framebuffer.

I suppose I could setup to send a message by SMTP using postfix, using vi to 
compose the message?  That would be what I would need to use send-pr from 
NetBSD without the web interface, using the base system.  FreeBSD also has 
send-pr, but that would go to the FreeBSD bug people.

Actually, I tried the native NetBSD boot loader.  That worked for NetBSD 
5.1_STABLE on the Kingston Data Traveler 16 GB, but not for -current. 

If I build NetBSD-current, I might try installing on a 4 GB USB stick, just to 
see if it boots, not in the expectation of fitting a really productive system 
on a 4 GB USB stick.

On booting from the internal hard drive, the question is how the system decides 
where to boot from, on GPT.  What was supposed to be the NetBSD boot partition 
didn't boot, the system gets stuck there with an error message, and I can't 
boot FreeBSD directly.

For now, I boot the System Rescue CD, choose the Super Grub disk in the menus, 

hit c to go to command prompt, then

set root=(hd0,9)
kfreebsd /boot/loader

That worked, but nothing like that, with knetbsd instead of kfreebsd, worked 
for NetBSD. 

I got that idea from grub2 entry in FreeBSD ports collection,


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