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Re: Suitable host to (cross-)build NetBSD?

On Mon, 05 Sep 2011, Thomas Mueller wrote:
I installed NetBSD 5.1_STABLE amd64 on a Kingston Data Traveler 16 GB (USB stick). That booted but would go into instant reboot if I tried anything relating to X, like startx or even Xorg -configure .

Please submit a bug report using send-pr (if you have a working NetBSD system), or the web interface at <>.

Several of your problems are really bugs or missing features in NetBSD, and it would be helpful if you could report them formally, with a separate report for each problem. When a single email message reports many problems, it's unlikely that anybody will track them all.

There would still be the problem of booting. I would need to cross-compile a good Linux system and build the latest version of GRUB2, now at 1.99, be able to set the configuration. I see FreeBSD ports collection has grub2 at v1.98; NetBSD pkgsrc has no grub2. Maybe NetBSD won't boot with grub2?

I think NetBSD can boot from grub2, but why don't you want to use the native NetBSD boot loader?

Then there is the problem of how to access the GPT partitions, handled so much better in Linux and FreeBSD than in NetBSD. MAKEDEV only goes up to dk7 and rdk7 in /dev. Maybe I could go into /dev and ./MAKEDEV dk8 rdk8 dk9 rdk9 (and so on)?

Yes, that should work, except just use ./MAKEDEV dk8 dk9, not rdk8 rdk9. The "r" devices are made at the same time as the non-"r" devices.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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