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re: amd64 boot broken (was: Re: sys_select() issue? (Was:Re: Sysinst behavior change? (amd64) ))

> David Holland wrote:
> > Recompiling the bootloader with gcc 4.1 makes it work again.
> Furthermore, a system built from 2011. sources boots,
> and one built from 2011. sources doesn't; the only
> commit between those source dates is src/share/mk/ 1.678,
> which enabled gcc 4.5 on x86.
> IMO, the switch to gcc 4.5 ought to be reverted on both x86_64 and
> sparc.

this is a little drastic.  we really do not want to miss out
on the userland testing that is IMO essential for netbsd 6.

amd64 now works, and i'll be looking at sparc next.


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