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Re: amd64 - odd bootstrap behavior


Just a bit more info - the printed menu is 1-origin, but it starts with the 2nd 
"Boot single user" line. It looks like this:

1. Boot single user
2. Disable ACPI
3. Disable ACPI and SMP
4. Drop to boot prompt
5. Run memory test

So, it is actually completely ignoring my first menu line!

menu=Boot normally

Anyone else seeing this?

This is an old bug in the parsing of boot.cfg.  It doesn't ignore
empty lines or, contrary to what the manual page says, lines beginning
with a hash.  It prepends those to the next line and then tries to split
the result at a "=", looks up the part before the "=" in the list of
available commands, silently dropping anything it cannot understand.

So in your case, it tries to look up the command "\nmenu", which it
doesn't grok.

Oh, I just remembered that I did send-pr this last year, but forgot
about it.  Try the fix from PR#43563.

--                         Wolfgang Solfrank

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