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assertion "anon->an_swslot == 0" failed

I got this, which doesn't sound familiar, in the middle of an "anita
test" run on amd64 just now, with an unmodified kernel:

   panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "anon->an_swslot == 0" failed: file
   "/disk/trees/namei-src/sys/uvm/uvm_anon.c", line 204
   cpu0: Begin traceback...
   kern_assert() at netbsd:kern_assert+0x2d
   uvm_anon_free() at netbsd:uvm_anon_free+0x87
   uvm_anon_release() at netbsd:uvm_anon_release+0xad
   uvm_aio_aiodone_pages() at netbsd:uvm_aio_aiodone_pages+0x2e4
   uvm_aio_aiodone() at netbsd:uvm_aio_aiodone+0xa6
   workqueue_worker() at netbsd:workqueue_worker+0x7f
   cpu0: End traceback...

This happened in "p2k_ffs_create_exist" while running fs/vfs/t_vnops.
Dunno yet if it's reproducible.

David A. Holland

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