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Re: x86 GENERIC kernels unlobotomized

On Dec 29,  3:11pm, Marc Balmer wrote:
} Am 08.08.11 18:42, schrieb Jukka Ruohonen:
} > On Mon, Aug 08, 2011 at 04:41:42PM +0000, Jonathan A. Kollasch wrote:
} >> Yes, repeatedly, almost everywhere, the people responsible were
} >> continually unreceptive.  Additionally, bringing it up for discussion
} >> now would have only led to further indecision and inaction.
} > 
} > I object this, but oh well, maybe I can just go and revert this too.
} A revert / unrevert / revert again session helps not much.  I also think

     I will agree with this.  Commit wars are a bad thing and are noted
as such in the Developer Agreement.  We need to have a definitive
answer from the authorities that be (i.e. core) before further action
is taken.

} that jak's move was not a step in the right direction, but then, he has
} a point.

     No he doesn't.  Major changes that affect all users should not be
taken by random developers without discussion or authorisation,
especially when those changes directly contradict the portmaster.

}-- End of excerpt from Marc Balmer

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