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Re: About that horrible polluting mDNS stuff?

    Date:        Mon, 29 Nov 2010 08:19:09 -0500
    From:        "Martin S. Weber" <>
    Message-ID:  <20101129131909.GE15363%agamemnon.entropie.local@localhost>

  | That's, imho, a very understandable stance and no matter
  | if we're living in a braindead world some people like to
  | not see the beast at every glance. I don't see why people
  | get scolded for doing their job and looking for the source
  | of unexpected communication as noted by their syslogs.

You misunderstood me I think.   I didn't say there was any problem
with the initial query (about why the messages were appearing and how
to make them go away).  Nor with the initial answer (effectively:
"they're a bug") nor with its followup ("how do I stop mdns") and nor
with its answer "don't run mdnsd".

It is what followed after that, with all kinds of people remonstrating
about how there just had to be a config option (for a system that is
by design, not configureable) to disable this evil something - with
zero investigation on what it was that was needed to be turned off.

By all means, disable that syslog noise so it doesn't pollute the log
files (unless ntpd (or other dameon) is running with some debug enabled
perhaps), but there's no reason for anything more than that - not even
the mdnstries option.   We would be a joke if we attempted to supply an
implementation of zeroconf with a whole bunch of config options to en/dis-able.


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