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Re: About that horrible polluting mDNS stuff?

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 07:57:02PM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
> (..ntp trying to contact mdns & failing..) and if it had
> not been for the syslog messages, no-one would ever have
> noticed the attempts.

And sometimes it is the opposite: you notice strange syslog
messages and start wondering where they're coming from so
you go on a quest to find out what's "wrong" until *wasted
time later* you find out it really was ntpd trying to talk
to some apple junk on YOUR box. GRR! *adrenaline and hatred
pulsing* you write a steamed mail to current-users.

Stuff like that, pulseaudio is another fine example, gets
really annoying with sysctl tcp.log_refused=1, just because
you have noise in the logs - noise that you yourself produce
and that you'd like to turn off.

That's, imho, a very understandable stance and no matter
if we're living in a braindead world some people like to
not see the beast at every glance. I don't see why people
get scolded for doing their job and looking for the source
of unexpected communication as noted by their syslogs.


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