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Re: remove external/lib/Makefile and crypto/external/lib/Makefile

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010, Bernd Ernesti wrote:

> > Well I was busy last week but did some builds this weekend with
> > gnu/lib/Makefile also entirely removed, and all lib items referred
> > directly from lib/Makefile.   my patch is attached and I can detect no
> > problems with it here
> As I mentioned some gcc libraries have to be added earlier.
> You need to move the following two directly after csu if you really want
> to move gnu/lib/Makefile into lib/Makfile.
> .if (${MKGCC} != "no")
> SUBDIR+=       ../gnu/lib/crtstuff4
> SUBDIR+=       ../gnu/lib/libgcc4
> .endif

why "have to" and "need to"? please note that

- currently gnu/lib/Makefile is not processed until after the end of

- both those directories are still processed separately in the top level
  Makefile before lib/Makefile is reached (agreed: between csu and libc)

- they are really present here for the purpose of targets other than
  build & install (since they must be installed to ${DESTDIR} before the
  build machinery will find them)

- if you try to bypass the build machinery (eg "cd lib && make") then you
  will probably refer to the host libraries which may not be what you
  want. (its likely ok on a NetBSD host with same version sources..)

As I mentioned, the constraints on these items are not as strict as it may
appear, since the build machinery only refers to versions from ${DESTDIR}

> > > > In the patch I gave, it
> > > > is already after the atf libraries and does build fine that way..  in 
> > > > any
> > > > case, the atf-c++ library only results in .a files which don't have
> > > > dependencies as such (I believe the dependency occurs at link stage)
> > >
> > > I haven't checked that part and only had in my mind that this c++.
> >
> > Yeah it seems so, but its easy to shuffle around afterwards if somebody
> > wants to make it an actual dependency so I'm not too worried about that
> > one at the moment
> Hmm, what is the problem to move then before atf?

what is the requirement to do so?

I put the atf library there because in my mind there are two influences on
Makefile order - if there is an ordering constraint, the dependent item
should be after a .WAIT dependency barrier - otherwise it should just
appear in alphabetical order.

In this case there is no ordering constraint as ATF libs claim no
dependencies, therefore alphabetical order is used..


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