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Re: remove external/lib/Makefile and crypto/external/lib/Makefile

On Sun, 14 Nov 2010, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> If you want to move the entries from gnu/lib/Makefile into lib/Makefile then
> this should be in a different order like the one used in 
> compat/
> because all other libraries depends on some of the libraries from 
> gnu/lib/Makefile:
>  crtstuff4
>  libgcc4
> But these two libraries should not be added to src/lib/Makefile since they are
> already handled in src/Makefile. I see no point in running the build target
> multiple times, yes they will not really be build but it not necessary.

They are of course already run multiple times and in fact are not the only
libraries that reappear this way during a complete build (eg libc itself
does). My proposed change does not really affect that, I think its a
different issue..

> Right now this it not optimal, crtstuff4 and libgcc4 should maybe removed
> from src/gnu/lib/Makefile then add src/gnu/lib/Makefile in src/lib/Makefile
> and remove the do-gnu-lib part from src/Makefile but I haven't thought about
> that much.

I believe some work is underway to update gcc to a later version, and
perhaps that will include updating some of these and moving them to
external/gpl3 ..  I was hoping that if this is the case, gnu/lib/Makefile
would become mostly redundant at that time, and is why I thought it best
to not modify it at this time..

> I'm not certain about libmalloc from src/gnu/lib/Makefile and how it is used.

I intend to visit this one shortly as I believe it may actually be no
longer used..

> * c++
> The c++ has to come after the atf libaries because the aft framework is in 
> c++.

I wonder if you meant before the atf libraries?  In the patch I gave, it
is already after the atf libraries and does build fine that way..  in any
case, the atf-c++ library only results in .a files which don't have
dependencies as such (I believe the dependency occurs at link stage)


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